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Icon representing Maritime Cyber Crime reporting portal
Maritime Cyber Crime reporting portal

September 1st 2017
Icon representing Sulu-Celebes Developments
Sulu-Celebes Developments

August 31st 2017
Icon representing Indian Ocean Region Update
Indian Ocean Region Update

August 31st 2017

Anchorage Incidents: Ghana

June 2nd 2017
Using reports from our platform we’ve gathered together the incidents from the last two years for Ghana so we can give you a better understanding of the trends and how best to counteract the threat in this area.

Our report gives you a breakdown by characteristic so you are forewarned of local crime patterns.

All the incidents listed were sourced from agencies such as the IMB and ReCAAP as well as CSO Alliance members. We go to great lengths to ensure that the data we produce is verified and complete wherever possible in order to ensure domain awareness and accuracy.

Please download the report below and click here to view the data and discuss it with your fellow CSOs.

Portable document format

Portable document format 466,43 KB
June 1st 2017 15:10