Our Mission

To assist maritime industry security departments with protecting their people and assets

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Why CSO Alliance?

Reducing the risks to the global maritime industry

CSO Alliance helps to make the world a safer place to do business through sharing accurate and timely threat information and risk management advice, delivered by subject matter experts

A collaborative approach

We provide the toolsets to enable our members to share information, ideas and best practice in order to keep our members' employees and business assets as well protected as possible

Secure online community

Through the creation of secure, online communities we promote security-related information sharing while respecting the privacy our members and their organisations


We provide our members with an up to date picture of the current criminal landscape using latest threat information from reliable government, military, police and academic sources

We track, record and analyse global criminal activity

Our Alliances

Building on the success of our flagship Company Security Officer Alliance, we have expanded our capability to deliver our services to a broader range of security and risk management professionals


Security through community

Our ambitions do not end here however as we look to extend our family of on-line communities to support further industry sectors

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