Our purpose and aim

Our mission is to improve security risk awareness and in doing so help reduce global criminality in the physical and virtual domains

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Why CSO Alliance?

Make the world a safer place

CSO Alliance makes the world a safer place to do business through enabling efficient information sharing and invoking collaboration throughout the maritime security community

Connecting security professionals

We connect like-minded security professionals and help them mitigate crime risks to keep our members' employees and business assets as well protected as possible

Secure online community

Through the creation of a secure, online community we provide a unique approach to helping our members with their security and risk management needs.


We provide our members with the opportunity to submit incident reports which can be anonymised. Through building up this data we will have a better understanding of the nature and extent of the issues we face. This information can also help inform regulation and ensure a more effective response.

We track, record and analyse global criminal activity

Our Alliances

Building on the success of our flagship Company Security Officer Alliance we are expanding our reach further into the maritime security communities of


Security through community

Our ambitions do not end here however as we look to extend our family of on-line communities to support further industry sectors

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