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Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19

November 18th 2019
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European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum - London - October 31

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CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

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10 Questions: CSO Alliance Talks to Industry Leaders

Written by David Rider. 
March 11th 2016
Written by David Rider.

CSO Alliance presents a new series in which we ask a number of shipping and security industry leaders 10 questions we believe CSOs would ask themselves. If members would like to pose their own questions or have suggestions for who they'd like us to interview, please let us know.

Our first batch of answers come from Giles Noakes (Chief Maritime Security Officer) and Phil Tinsley (Maritime Security Manager) of BIMCO.

What are the big risks for shipping in 2016?
Piracy returning off the coast of Somalia due to complacency. Consistency of incident reporting. Floating armoury arrest or takeover.

What security process efficiencies can you recommend or envisage between the Shipping and Port industry?
Strict adherence to ISPS security codes.

Which regions most concern you from a security point of view?

How concerned are you over possible acts of maritime terrorism?
We are very concerned.

What’s the biggest challenge facing any CSO this year?
Maintaining the security measures which have proved to be successful in the WIOR.

How happy are you with current security arrangements in the Indian Ocean?
Again, we're very concerned.

Which ports do you see as being problem areas for CSOs?
All Nigerian ports.

Some CSOs believe that because they don’t transit a High Risk Area, their vessel is safe. What’s your view?
Port security issues will never go away and all vessels need port calls!

How can shipping make life easier for CSOs?
By CEOs and COOs listening to their concerns and being made aware of the threats themselves.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give a CSO?
Understand the threats, advise CEOs and COOs, mitigate against the threats, conduct Risk Assessments and take positive action.

So there you have BIMCO's view of the current situation at sea and the areas of most concern for their security team. Do you have questions you'd like to ask? Let us know and we'll pose them to the right people.