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Profiled Supplier

  • Sec -Ex (The Security Industry Exchange)
    Sec-Ex is about efficiency; to save time and money.
  • Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW)
    International law firm specialising in shipping and maritime transportation, insurance, aviation, energy, construction and trade.
  • Angel
  • Navarino
    Navarino is the maritime industry's most advanced communications and connectivity company
  • HudsonTrident, Inc.
  • GAC Shipping
  • MariTrace
    Clear intelligence in a competitive world

Profiled Suppliers

Our profiled suppliers brands and messaging has a privileged position in our delivery. 

Their logo discretely passes through both the private and public website areas 24/7, as well as appearing on all our literature. 

They have for one year a page in our members-only area, which can host a wide variety of content including videos, pictures and files, amongst others. This gives them the best possible opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of their products and services.

During the year we can present a feature in one of our monthly CSO newsletter highlighting the issues they wish to address.

We work closely with our profiled suppliers when scheduling CSO workshops. 

Our members know that Profiled Suppliers not only help keep their annual membership fees low, but also ensure we can invest in improving the level of service we provide.

Our Alliance partners are an integral part of our success and we are constantly looking at ways to make sure they benefit from a healthy return on their investment.

If you are interested in exploring this distinguished partnership opportunity, contact us at info@csoalliance.com.
GAC Shipping
Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW)
HudsonTrident, Inc.