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CSO Alliance Workshop: Athens, 25 June

June 25th 2015
A key way for CSO Alliance to engage with members is through the running of maritime security workshops. We meet with CSOs, hear their ideas and the concerns that continually develop our future delivery.

Our next workshop will be in Athens on Thursday 25 June. The British Ambassador’s Residence will provide the venue and ensure we have everything we need for a CSO only, free to attend but invitation only event.

The agenda is simple and we allow a great deal of time from the floor to make sure we develop the feedback, but these subjects will be covered.

· Brief of Combined Maritime Forces activities in the Indian Ocean.

· BIMCO update on their security delivery

· Key Briefs:
  • Migrants
  • Stowaways
  • Crisis Management Exercises

· CSO Alliance: the delivery and formation of Port and Terminal Alliance

· PMSC ambassador: a view from industry on the key issues they face

We will also be presenting at the Informal Tanker Owners Safety Forum, http://itosf.org/, on Wednesday 24 June. Over fifty Tanker Owners from around the world will be in attendance.

The first day is a series of presentations where there will be an opportunity to learn about new ideas and innovations. In many fleets the Safety Officer is also the Company Security Officer. We have been invited to give a presentation on CSO Alliance, which will involve Giles Noakes of BIMCO and Cdr. Nils Hausen of CMF.

The following day, as with the CSO Alliance workshops it is a closed community to discuss, share experience and ideas to drive best practice.