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Icon representing CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus
CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

October 2nd 2019
Icon representing Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK
Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK

July 10th 2019
Icon representing CSOA First Response Report: Iran Drone Attack
CSOA First Response Report: Iran Drone Attack

June 20th 2019


July 8th 2016
Thank you for your support as the CSO membership steadily grows. We will be engaging with you over the summer to see where you wish your Alliance to head 2016/17. 

Internally we have updated the daily statistics reporting and will work on the groups next in order to make them easier to navigate.

Next week we are meeting with the Cruise industry CSOs in Miami and visiting the US Dept. of Transport in Washington, so any issues or concerns with the US just let us know and we can raise them on your behalf. 

Membership – this is your Alliance

We are passing through the 425 members mark and we cannot succeed working alone. Every month we learn and improve. Our ambition is that with 1,000 CSOs you are a community that has impact and we can ensure you are fully supported in your day to day work.


In the last three years organised maritime criminals were active in 63 countries. 5,140 criminals have been identified successfully boarding 856 ships and so impacting on the lives of an estimated 16,000 ships crew.  On land this would equate to a crime wave affecting every household of a small town. It is a concern that IMB consider that up to 30% of crime is not reported.

We now have a running total of crime from 2013 on the site which helps with your port risk assessment. You can have all the data as a list or as a map, so you can visualise the criminal foot print. 


We are considering an easier navigation package which is required as the content grows. For example, we have been trialling a regional crime summary. Please go online and lets us know what you think.

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US Trip

There are synergies we can explore with the Cruise Industry. For example, we have all the key military and NGO maritime crime reporting centres online within the platform, and with our CSOs we have access to an online unclassified communication flow. The Cruise Industry has a large intelligence feed, so as we trade in similar regions and face similar risks exploring information sharing make sense for all.

We met the Director of Maritime Security, MARAD, at the IMO and he invited us to Washington. He has some ideas and sees some opportunities that may better support our CSOs. One of our CSOs mentioned in Chatter that he has had some issues with the US Coast Guard. This was dealt with by new contacts we have made via MARAD and he was also supported by other CSOs experiences.

Improving Group Functionality one into three – do you agree?

The proposal is to create three collections of groups with exact replica functionality as the content grows. We think this will help with navigation.  

1. ''CSO Groups'' - This will be the groups that act as working aids. If there are any missing that you would find useful you can create them. They will be easier to find and access.

2. Latest Regional Intelligence - We propose to make these for Asia, West Africa, Gulf of Aden, and Mediterranean. We are being offered quality information feeds and it allows David, our Content Editor, to consolidate this data for your easy access. We are always experimenting, so open to ideas on this, but we think this information somewhat swamps CSO Chatter.  

3. ''Military and Industry Groups'' - Here you can find Military Reporting Centres and our Industry Supporters.

This needs a little thinking through with our technical team at Wididi, but we are all keen that this works for you.  Please click here to comment.  

BIMCO Workshop, Athens 28 June

An estimated hundred shipping professionals and CSOs joined a BIMCO and Marshall Island workshops which was co-ordinated by LSS-SAPU.

There were three panel discussions, which led to hot debate all evening.

The first dealt with the current difficulties of operating professionally and within guidelines whilst returning a profit, examples of PMSC standard practices and ended with a request for Flag States and insurers to help enforce standards.

The second panel with two floating armoury representatives (MNG and Sovereign Global) P&I and Lloyds brokers gave a really useful update on current operational issues, armoury configuration, and insights on the standard rates for PMSC embarkation / disembarkation. It is clear there is a significant problem with the alleged swapping of weapons and teams, which carries significant risk for the Master and CSOs. The underwriters suggested  a tool to assist police and enforce this risk would help. We believe that by working with BIMCO and industry this is an area we can contribute to.

The third panel covered the work of BIMCO, GUARDCON and how the ISO standards have been created, implemented and verified. It was a clear concern that the costs of accreditation outweigh the advantages. We will take this debate online within the platform with a report posted over the weekend which will cover the key issues raised and debated.