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Profiled Supplier

  • Chenega International Consulting LLC
    Chenega International's specialization includes the provision of consultancy relating to the utilization of niche technology, security, analytical...
  • Navarino
    Navarino is the maritime industry's most advanced communications and connectivity company
  • Weekly Threat & Activity Report
    Receive free weekly threat and activity reports on maritime security. Maritime news including piracy, armed robbery, terrorism, narcotics, and more!
  • HudsonTrident, Inc.
  • Pen Test Partners LLP
    Penetration testing and security services
  • Sec -Ex (The Security Industry Exchange)
    Sec-Ex is about efficiency; to save time and money.
  • Angel
  • GAC Shipping


What does it cost to join?

We charge an annual membership fee of £250 for the first member at a company, after which we can enrol additional deputy members for £75 per annum.

Can anybody join?

CSO Alliance is a membership organisation solely for CSOs, so you need to be employed in this role to be eligible to join. We verify that members meet this criteria on joining so that all members can be sure that when they talk openly in the platform only other CSOs are listening.

Can I see the platform before I sign up?
If you’d like to see what we have to offer before you commit please contact us on membership@csoalliance.com so that we can arrange this for you.