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  • Weekly Threat & Activity Report
    Receive free weekly threat and activity reports on maritime security. Maritime news including piracy, armed robbery, terrorism, narcotics, and more!
  • Sec -Ex (The Security Industry Exchange)
    Sec-Ex is about efficiency; to save time and money.
  • Navarino
    Navarino is the maritime industry's most advanced communications and connectivity company
  • Pen Test Partners LLP
    Penetration testing and security services
  • GAC Shipping
  • HudsonTrident, Inc.
  • Chenega International Consulting LLC
    Chenega International's specialization includes the provision of consultancy relating to the utilization of niche technology, security, analytical...
  • Angel

The Team

An constantly evolving network of committed supporters is driving our growth 
An constantly evolving network of committed supporters is driving our growth
The full time team is enhanced not only by the support of our CSOs, but a hands on investor board and an increasing network of Maritime Professionals who believe in the delivery.

Mark Long as CSO Development Manager is leading the day to day interaction with CSOs, finding out what their issues and needs are and ensuring our service delivers on this requirement.  

David Rider as Platform Editor is ensuring all the crimes we load are verified, we scans the worshippers for relevant information feeds to support the intelligence section and adds news that is relevant to CSOs

Jo Chuter as Head of Accounts pulls the team together, helping run the newsletters and ensuring we run the enterprises to budget. 

Mark Sutcliffe as the Director is tasked with building the network of relationships through out the Maritime industry that allows the CSOs to believe they have a network representing and delivering on their needs. 

We are supported on a case by case basis by CSOs who have a particular issue or concern which we can assess and work out how to support and solve the problem.