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May 9th 2017
CSOs need to understand the risks from Cyber Crime, so we are evolving solutions to support and mitigate the threat. We bring you news of trips to Athens, OBP in London and a month of varied criminal activity.

Crime Reports – The last 30 days

We carefully collate and verify each incident, but there is evidence of criminal incidents against seafarers and shipping in Asia, Indian Ocean and West Africa:

Asia: 6 

Indian Ocean: 11 

West Africa: 11

Americas: 1

Total: 29 

Click here to ensure you have not missed any of the collated reports, and we have some insights in CSO Chatter for you to debate here

EUNAVFOR/CMF Piracy Threat Assessment & Analysis

We are pleased to have a PDF of the latest release on CSO Chatter here.

It is an excellent and detailed summary, running through the details of the recent attacks, what has motivated them, with each factor careful weighted for impact.

It gives a detailed rating of the Capability, Intent and Opportunity that the merchant marine faces and points out that no vessel operating full BMP4 has been pirated.

CSO Alliance: supporting the Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign

This is the first time as CSOs we can show that our CSO community is helping other areas of risk and crime within your company. With a community for 400 CSOs in over 40 counties we have an evolving scale and can start to take a long term view on issues that have an impact on a CSO. 

Cyber crime is rapidly evolving and everyone on the maritime supply chain has to improve their understanding, adjust and update their cyber security defences. 

We are working with a leading industrial company with decades of expertise in fighting cyber crime in many industrial sectors. With their experience, we will support shipping CSOs and the IT teams who have this evolving responsibility. 

A starting point is education and the Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign is an excellent starting point as we build education on the key issues. A good selection of posters, guides and a short sharp monthly newsletter are available from their website. 


A Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at Digital Ship, Athens 24 April  

If we thought that maritime crime was poorly reported, then spare a thought for cyber crime. The reasons for the lack of reporting are numerous: loss or reputation, fear of losing your job, impact on share price. If we do not secure a clear picture of the impact of cyber crime the criminals will always stay ahead of us. 

Digital Ship invited CSO Alliance to present ideas on the benefits of a cyber crime reporting portal. The anonymised data has value to the insurance industry as actuarial data to help mitigate clause 380 exclusions. It will assist the IMO in showing leadership, it will keep the ' bad news' off market and ensure important information is shared with key employees, so the lessons are learned and shared. 
Read the feedback from the 100+ CTOs in the room and view the presentation here.

This is all about creating a membership benefit for CSOs and CTOs and we are steadily moving this forward. We are grateful to Digital Ship for allowing us to present our case at the Athens forum, which sparked many questions and thankfully, clear support.