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CSOA Situation Alert: Ramadan 2019

May 21st 2019
4th International LNG Summit on June 18 in Oslo

May 20th 2019
Gas & LNG Summit Canada on November 05 in Calgary

May 20th 2019

Anchorage Incidents

December 23rd 2014
2013 & 2014: Anchorage Incidents in the Gulf of Kutch, India


8 reports in 2013 and 9 in 2014, make total of 17 incidents.

3 of the incidents occurred between 10.45 - 18.15, 4 between 18.15 and 23.00, but 10 between midnight and 4.10, which shows the key watches need to stay alert.

There is no pattern to the days, but 4 incidents in July, 6 in September and 3 October, the rest December to January.

5 dry cargo vessels are involved and 11 Tankers and one unknown MV type.

67 men have been sighted in 17 incidents, so an average of four man teams to each incident, the largest number being 8 and smallest 2 men.


1. In nearly every case they are seen to have easily broken padlocks to access the stores (please see Thome crime prevention report)

2. They are increasingly determined and when spotted, do not flee straight away; in five incidents they threatened the crew.

3. Three groups armed themselves with knives, but this behaviour is limited. It happened once in September 2013, once in October 2013 and once in September 2014

All the details are available in an excel in the Groups section, Port Crime Working Group under discussions, so feel free to add your thoughts. Click here to access the discussion.

The aim is that once we understand what information is useful to member CSOs, we can automate the searching of the anchorage crime data and auto generate a simple infographic of the key data.