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CSOA Situation Alert: Ramadan 2019

May 21st 2019
4th International LNG Summit on June 18 in Oslo

May 20th 2019
Gas & LNG Summit Canada on November 05 in Calgary

May 20th 2019

Behind The Alliance

June 5th 2014
Last week we met with Wico van Helden, Dutch CEO and Ed Van der Lee, Business Development Manager and the rest of the Wididi team in The Netherlands. The team have blended their formidable experience in computing and software development with a deep understanding of the CSO Alliance project, delivering the remarkable platform our CSO members use everyday.

To quote a client of Wididi, Max Hoefeizers of Social Paspoort NL:

'With Wididi I think of a partnership, not afraid of discovering new territories, with practical solutions which fit this new age.



Their elegant software unifies all types and sources of data and media and engages, empowers and immerses users in effective and efficient service delivery, as providers and partners or as clients as consumers. Each Wididi solution gets quickly to the point and puts people in touch with 'the right people and the right information' - immediately, conveniently, attractively, sustainably and securely. Their products are built using modern software technology, are massively scalable and are independent of third party software constraints and costs'.

A short web conference with the CSO Alliance team provides an insight into how this innovation in technical development benefits users. Wididi are engaged with the Alliance project long-term and are supporting us as we grow whilst constantly lending their experience of interfaces and data handling to ensure the output remains efficient. This can-do attitude by industry innovators is why CSO Alliance is proud to be powered by Wididi.