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  • Sec -Ex (The Security Industry Exchange)
    Sec-Ex is about efficiency; to save time and money.
  • Navarino
    Navarino is the maritime industry's most advanced communications and connectivity company
  • HudsonTrident, Inc.
  • Chenega International Consulting LLC
    Chenega International's specialization includes the provision of consultancy relating to the utilization of niche technology, security, analytical...
  • Weekly Threat & Activity Report
    Receive free weekly threat and activity reports on maritime security. Maritime news including piracy, armed robbery, terrorism, narcotics, and more!
  • Pen Test Partners LLP
    Penetration testing and security services
  • GAC Shipping
  • Angel


A CSO platform supported by industry suppliers. 
A CSO platform supported by industry suppliers.
It was important to set an affordable annual membership fee so that CSOs from all sectors of ship owning, especially those for whom it is a part time role within their business, could join.

On behalf of our members, we took the time to meet and consult with the myriad of shipping associations, as well as key suppliers of security goods and services to the Shipping Industry.  

They realise that with active support and participation, they can see they are not only supporting CSOs in their day to day work but also helping provide an environment where the evolution of quality maritime security goods and services is driven. 

To support this endeavour we have several unique ways to help develop a brand and profile within the CSO community. These range from interactive online advertising presence options featuring multimedia and downloadable content, to sponsorship of our CSO-only events, membership packs and newsletters. 

Our Alliance partners are an integral part of our success and we are constantly looking at ways to make sure they benefit from a healthy return on their investment. 

This simple formula helps keep us delivering a first rate membership experience at an attractive membership fee.

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