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CSO Alliance workshop: Aberdeen

January 30th 2015
CSO Alliance was recently invited to meet with the Chairman of The International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) Security Task Force.

Giles Noakes of BIMCO joined and we enjoyed an interesting dialogue as we explored the synergies to help CSOs within the IMCA membership.

This meeting was the result of a suggestion by an Offshore CSO who joined our Singapore workshop in April 2014. Further impetus was gained from our presentation to the IMCA security Task Force’s meeting at their HQ in London in December. There are many significant benefits to all parties, which we are steadily working through.

For the CSO Workshop we made contact with over fifty Aberdeen based shipping companies and we received a warm reception.

Giles Noakes led by introducing BIMCO, their range of services and then drilled into the security update and offering for which he is responsible.

Mark Sutcliffe demonstrated the key elements of the CSO Alliance platform showing the increasing CSO activity and dialogue.

We invited an ambassador from the PMSC sector to provide a brief on the situation on the ground in East and West Africa. With over $500 million annual spend by ship owners on PMSC security services, it is wise for us all to listen to their ideas.

We include in all our workshops a PMSC delegate and it works well, both for the Q&A as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience. The key to getting the most out of our workshops is to ensure that half of the time is devoted to presentations and the other half is dedicated to feedback, of which there is plenty.

It was a really interesting meeting and we were gratified to have met several offshore sector CSOs. We now have a clearer picture of their needs and gained new members from this sector.

Importantly it was great preparation for the Asia workshops at the end of February.