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Icon representing Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19
Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19

November 18th 2019
Icon representing CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus
CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

October 2nd 2019
Icon representing Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK
Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK

July 10th 2019

CSOA: Presenting to SHADE

December 23rd 2014
CSO Alliance presented to the 34th SHADE meeting held in Bahrain, 2 - 3 Dec 14


For the newcomer, SHADE is an incredible event to witness. Over 100 military staff from over 30 countries come together to ensure they maximize the various national naval efforts to defeat criminal activity in the Indian Ocean.


Even though EUNAVFOR, Combined Maritime Force (CMF) and NATO assess Somali Piracy to be at the lowest level since 2009, and no confirmed piracy activity reported as the NE monsoon approaches, it is not time to stop investing in these unique SHADE meetings.


There are several challenges from the military perspective:

1. It is alarming to note that more traffic is transiting closer to the Somali coast which presents a permissive target rich environment to the opportunist; the Marwan H attempted robbery on 16 Oct 14 is a recent example.

2. The choke points continue to attract high levels of small boat operations with many false alarms clustered in both time and space.

3. Somali-based piracy remains a threat whilst the intent and capability remains.

4. Pirate leaders and financiers continue to operate with de facto impunity.


Certainly the shipping industry ambassadors agreed that while the opportunity may be be suppressed the intent has not gone away. The size of the HRA is an emotive point, with strong arguments on both sides. Industry maintains there still needs to be a geographical point of reference from which protection measures should be applied. BMP4 remains entirely relevant, any decisions must be made for the right reasons and that it is too early to declare ‘mission accomplished’.


SHADE Evolution – 2016 and beyond

SHADE is looking at ways to remain relevant and leverage the good name it has created.

A new Working Group accountable to the main SHADE plenary will focus on ‘the future approach to counter piracy operations 2016 and beyond’. This working group is likely to sit for the first time in April 15. To ensure momentum is kept SHADE will now only meet 3 times per year rather than 4; in April , July and December 2015. MIEVOMs will follow this schedule and this is easily reversible should the piracy situation worsen.


CSO Alliance was able to demonstrate our platform, the CSO Chatter and deeper learning Groups, the geo-spatial crime mapping which allows conversation, pictures and videos to enrich the context and understanding for all.

The ability for the military co-ordination to reach out and connect to our online community of CSOs is a resource that can be increasingly developed as we go forward. The questions and feedback were extremely encouraging.