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Icon representing Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19
Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19

November 18th 2019
Icon representing CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus
CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

October 2nd 2019
Icon representing Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK
Royal Navy's 1 Day Shipping Managers' Course - July 10th - London, UK

July 10th 2019

Eighteen Months of Development

June 5th 2014
It was a series of conversations in the winter of 2012 between Mark Sutcliffe who had been developing a Maritime Security Mutual and former CMA-CGM CSO, Rob Twell, which provided the inspiration for the Alliance. Rob had been gathering CSOs from Europe in London to exchange ideas and innovate as a small network. The debate and sharing of information led to better decision making when assessing the piracy risks as well as purchasing Maritime Security equipment. One meeting along saved a CSO and his company an inefficient $120,000 equipment purchase.

The Platform

Developing a platform of this caliber is not a straightforward process. The CSO Alliance team worked on a number of solutions from various well known providers but were unable to achieve the desired blend of intuitive user interface and functionality. The stability of the platform was paramount and it became clear the Alliance was in need of a bespoke product. However, with a bespoke product comes considerable cost and the Alliance was determined to offer membership for CSOs at just £250 per annum. Wididi of Holland provided an answer: based in Rotterdam, this forward-thinking business had considerable experience in building online, media rich communities and also offered a financial model which offered a third way for the site's development.

Wididi are proactive in joining our key meetings and recently attended a session with the EU Land & Marine Security division in addition to our workshop with CSO members in Rotterdam. Wididi's presence illustrated how feedback from members of the Dutch shipowner association could be made reality on the platform in a matter of hours, with no threat to the all-important membership tariff.

CSO Workshops

We are guided by an old Chinese proverb: 'hearing a hundred times in not as good as seeing once'. This is your CSO Alliance and it is essential we develop tools to support your role. Over the last eighteen months, dozens of sessions with CSOs have fine tuned ideas and feedback into a simple, workable platform.

We have run CSO workshops in London, Singapore, Dubai, Rotterdam and Antwerp with plans to return to Dubai as guests of UKMTO to give a presentation at MIEVOM on Thursday, June 12th. WE will be inviting CSOs from around the Middle East to join us at the Mission to Seafarers after the MIEVOM lunch, which will be followed by an informal reception.