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CSOA Situation Alert: Ramadan 2019

May 21st 2019
4th International LNG Summit on June 18 in Oslo

May 20th 2019
Gas & LNG Summit Canada on November 05 in Calgary

May 20th 2019

Epicentre of Nigerian piracy found

Bergen Risk Solutions identifies possible hub of Nigerian pirates. 
August 14th 2014
Bergen Risk Solutions identifies possible hub of Nigerian pirates.
There is no sign of the Gulf of Guinea piracy problem abating, and experts believe they have identified the epicentre of pirate activities.

Last month saw four piracy incidents in the region, including one hijacking, two confirmed or suspected kidnaps and one suspicious approach, according security consultant Bergen Risk Solutions (BRS).

Placing this in wider context they add that over the past 12 months, 23 product tankers and 19 vessels servicing the petroleum industry have been targeted. At least one attack is now taking place every week, but because many incidents go unreported, the real total could be three times as high as that.

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Source: shiptalk.com