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European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum - London - October 31

October 31st 2019
The European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum on October 31 aims to help build an understanding of maritime cyber resilience, and specifically about:

  • What specifically do we need to be most scared about?
  • How much can the hi-tech solutions identify and mitigate threats?
  • Are you better off with lower-tech solutions, such as extensive testing and helping staff onboard and ashore be better aware of threats and what to do about them?

Maritime cybersecurity involves bringing together multiple domains, which don’t necessarily understand each other very well. The October 31 event aims to help improve this.

Admission: No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.
Venue: The Waldorf Hilton, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4DD, UK
Registration available here .
Enquiries to be sent to lyndell@thedigitalship.com

European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum