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Icon representing Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19
Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19

November 18th 2019
Icon representing CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus
CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

October 2nd 2019
Icon representing CSOA First Response Report: Iran Seizes British Tanker
CSOA First Response Report: Iran Seizes British Tanker

July 20th 2019

Hamburg & Rotterdam CSO Workshops 9th & 11th September

September 5th 2014
Our largest gathering of CSOs to date will be at the exclusive Anglo-German Club in Hamburg on Tuesday, September 9th. It will be interesting to see as the potential members increase we keep the excellent informality and positive outcomes we have achieved in all our workshops to date.

The format will be similar to Glasgow and Newcastle, a review of the platform, making sure the delivery matches the needs of CSOs, we always remain open to new ideas and innovations. We will have review of the criminal hot spots from an industry practitioner and at this point, the value of ship owner CSOs comparing benchmark strategies to protect their crew and cargoes is really productive.

The session will close with an informal reception which neatly ends at the SMM Exhibition formal reception starts.

Thursday September 11th we have been invited by the Netherlands Ship Owner Association to present to their Maritime Security Committee. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate to the CSOs of KNVR what we can achieve, working with the KNVR Head of Security. On Friday we head to Antwerp to meet again with the Belgian Ship Owner Association and catchup with several of our pioneer CSO members.

It is a very natural engagement for us to liaise with country ship owner associations whenever we travel to a nation, the head of maritime security in every case has been extremely helpful with ideas and always join the workshops.

In the recent weeks we have engaged with a French fishing fleet and USA based tug and barge operators, we already have a Super Yacht and Offshore platform owner CSO as members, which is encouraging as it demonstrates the platform can deliver in all maritime sectors.

This ambition we hold close as it begins to show we can deliver on achieving 'Security Through Community'.

We have several options as to the locations for next CSO Workshops, with initial venues ranging from Singapore, Athens and Copenhagen, as we secure new members it becomes cost effective to travel and we will keep you closely advised.