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Insights from CSO Alliance Workshop: London

December 4th 2017
CSO Alliance is a members only risk management platform for all shipping sectors to combat maritime cyber and physical crime, and to support the drive for best practice.

Organised Maritime criminals are exactly that: extremely well led, resourced and constantly innovating. Since we started tracking crime in January 2013:

  • Maritime criminals have been active in 63 countries
  • 1858 Merchant Marine ships reported as attacked, 1088 have been successfully boarded (a 60% success rate)
  • The Merchant Marine board an average of 120 stowaways a month, costing $42,000 per day and impacting 20,000 seafarers p.a.
  • IMB state - 63% of crime is not reported in West Africa 

The platform, designed by CSOs for CSOs, gives 24/7 access to a live track on crime, with an easy to use database to support risk assessments. With all the key military reporting centres logged in we learn to work as one. There is CSO Chatter to share ideas, Groups for deeper learning and a secure online conference facility.

We have partnered with Airbus to create in a pilot project the Maritime Cyber Alliance so that cyber crime can be anonymously reported, rapidly sharing the latest tactics and impacts of the crimes so that lessons are shared and learned.

In February we are launching two new features, automated route risk assessments and an interactive port database where we can develop a security conversation about ports and terminals.

Ultimately these interactions will save CSOs time, their companies' money, ensure better mutual assessment of risk and raise the stakes in the fight against organised crime, all for an annual membership fee of £250 pa. Please contact us now for a free trial.

CSO Alliance: Security Through Community.
Date and time: December 4th 2017, 14.00
Venue: The Cavalry and Guards Club
Debate: Chatham House Rules apply 

14.05 - Introduction - Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance
14.20 - Industry challenges & reactions - Duncan Halliday, Pole Star
14.40 - Asia Threat and Debate - Gerry Northwood, MAST
15.00 - West Africa Threat and Debate - Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance
15.20 - Break
15.40 - Cyber - culture change & fight back - Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance, Geo tools and ideas to support Maritime - Olivier Surly, Airbus Geo, Cyber tools and ideas to support Maritime - Vic Start, Airbus Cyber
Anonymous cyber crime reporting portal - Chris Henny
17.00 - Reception


On Monday 4th December CSO Alliance held a security and cyber workshop at the Cavalry & Guards Club, London. In the room a wide selection of ship types and size of owners were represented, with delegates from the cruise and superyacht industry present.
It is clear we need a culture change in the reporting of security and cyber crime and to work to the standards of the Banking and Aviation industry, where Airbus can support with insights and experience.

The Insurance industry needs to show leadership and support as they benefit if the quality and quantity of actuarial data increases. Shipping also wins with better policies at cheaper rates as the risk is properly assessed and the unknown is removed.

The greatest cyber fear seems to be vulnerability to hacking of old systems and ICT / SCADA on older built ships, especially if they are standard series build with similar equipment and vulnerabilities. It is clear most are suffering at the hands of cyber criminals so the concept of a central reporting portal to share maritime specific examples is welcome.

One of the delegates suggested that lawyers/banks/finance houses/traders/charterers would be interested in an anonymous data feed, as they too have to report on security and cyber issues.

Another idea raised was to report to Maritime colleges and Cadet training schools as well as engage with manafacturures via CIRM (we are). One delegate reported a supplier asking for free access to the entire ships IT system to run updates. This request was denied, but the question being asked implies that other ship owners are granting this request.

The questions naturally flowed at the end, so one suggestion was to start with a drink. We did this in Paris on 13 Dec and it helped accelerate the debate.

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