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Maritime Cyber Crime reporting portal

Built in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space 
September 1st 2017
Built in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space
We started talking with Airbus at the IMO in the summer of 2014. They could see the benefits of our methodology; hundreds of CSOs gathered into one on line community, working to share ideas and information to combat maritime crime.

It became clear they shared our vision and, like us, listened to CSO feedback on the problems of maritime crime. Criminals are currently active in 63 countries, with 1023 ships successfully boarded since January 2013 while according to the IMB and other reporting bodies, it is widely accepted that up to 30% of criminal incidents arel not reported. In short, there is work to be done in building up Maritime Domain Awareness so that all CSOs and their crews can access timely information, report back all crime and help mitigate risk.   

Airbus has extensive experience in shaping the reporting culture from their experience in the aviation industry, and it is clear in workshops we ran together with CSOs and CTOs in 2016 that their group resource and experience would benefit the Maritime Industry.

Step one is to build an anonymous crime reporting portal with secure servers based in Iceland, which can accept all crime reports and incidents as well as cyber reports. The choice of this location is to ensure the anonymity of all reports can be assured.

The initiative, when combined with the Airbus cyber experience which goes into protecting their group manufacturing, operational aircraft fleet and over 134,000 employees, will support improvements in global maritime security. Some of the key areas where we can see benefits:

• Combining multiple data flows to establish the full criminal footprint and, with analysis, better predict intentions.

• Early notification of incidents, the malware involved, where applicable, so we can issue alerts, advise and reducing its impact.

• Provide updated information to all members about emerging best practice. 

• Build on shared experience and showcase what services and support are available.

• All crime reports will be anonymous, in order to secure more reports form more sources, without reprisal or reputational loss. Active participation in reporting incidents will be seen as a clear part of fulfilling a duty of care.

A second and key driver is the building of Maritime Domain Awareness. Just one example of the emerging synergies is the lower cost and improved speed and accessibility of satellite imagery. On March 13th 2017, Somali pirates hijacked the Aris 13 oil tanker with its eight Sri Lankan crew members. We learned from military sources and our contact with local Somalis that the exact location was unclear, so Airbus tasked their Pleiades satellites to find the vessel. Rapid analysis of the data was shared with the CSO Alliance community and the military, and, as the ship was released, the French frigate Courbet provided medical assistance to the crew and then escorted the Aris 13 to the Somali port of Bosaso.

This is just one example of how CSOs networked in with the military and crime reporting centres ensures we work as one to support CSOs in their role and, in doing so, increase the effectiveness of the CSO delivery. In short: Security through Community.

Please Join Us: LISW - CSO Alliance event with BIMCO: London Tuesday 12 September 09.00-10.30

Join fellow CSOs for a brief during London International Shipping Week at the Cavalry and Guards Club, 127 Piccadilly W1, for an update and debate on the risk seafarers face and how best CSOs, and management can support them.

Keynote Speakers:

Industry – BIMCO: Phil Tinsley, Head of Maritime Security 

Global threats & collaborative counter-measures – Ian Millen, Millennia Insights Limited 

Cyber – Templar Executives: Andrew Fitzmaurice, Chief Executive

Military – EUNAVFOR/MSCHOA: Simon Church, MSCHOA Director & Industry Liaison Officer

CSO Alliance: Mark Sutcliffe, Director

The format will be four 10 minute briefs with 10 mins of debate after each presentation.

Full description: https://londoninternationalshippingweek.com/event/bimco-cso-alliance/ Register: rsvp@csoalliance.com " target="_blank">https://londoninternationalshippingweek.com/event/bimco-cso-alliance/

Register: rsvp@csoalliance.com