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CSOA Situation Alert: Ramadan 2019

May 21st 2019
4th International LNG Summit on June 18 in Oslo

May 20th 2019
Gas & LNG Summit Canada on November 05 in Calgary

May 20th 2019

Piracy Collapses in Somalia, But Don't Celebrate Just Yet

July 17th 2014
by Lizabeth Paulat

Piracy has long plagued the Somali coastline, creating an estimated loss of 6.8 billion dollars per year in global trade. However, despite nearly 276 incidents in 2011, there hasn’t been a single successful pirate attack on a commercial shipping vessel this year. So why the sudden drop off?

One reason might be as simple as armed protection. Although maritime peace accords had previously banned the use of weapons on shipping vessels, new rules allowed shipmates to carry weapons and employ private security staff aboard their ships.

Further, a coalition of multi-country naval patrols has assembled to track and protect each ship, guiding them through dangerous waters. Not only are US and EU naval vessels participating in these exercises, but Saudi Arabian, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Russian and Thai forces have proven that even without diplomatic ties, countries can work together for a united cause.

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Source: care2.com