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Profiled Supplier

  • Pen Test Partners LLP
    Penetration testing and security services
  • Weekly Threat & Activity Report
    Receive free weekly threat and activity reports on maritime security. Maritime news including piracy, armed robbery, terrorism, narcotics, and more!
  • Sec -Ex (The Security Industry Exchange)
    Sec-Ex is about efficiency; to save time and money.
  • Angel
  • GAC Shipping
  • HudsonTrident, Inc.
  • Navarino
    Navarino is the maritime industry's most advanced communications and connectivity company
  • Chenega International Consulting LLC
    Chenega International's specialization includes the provision of consultancy relating to the utilization of niche technology, security, analytical...

A unique platform for evolving CSO needs

Intuitive, easy to use and available on PC, tablet and mobile 
Intuitive, easy to use and available on PC, tablet and mobile
The platform was created by CSOs for CSOs with the elements they needed to support their day to day task. 

Once logged the easy to navigate platform takes you to 

CSO Chatter - Read what other CSOs are concerned about debate of breaking issues 
Reports - The latest crime report, with just two clicks, zero on all the crime reports for a Port or Anchorage
Groups - Deeper learning environment,with discussions, documents and videos on multiple subjects 
Events - We have run 19 CSO workshops in key maritime cities around the world, with a 2017 series in planning
People - A directory of 400 CSOs committed helping shape and improve the solution   
Supporters - Both Industry and Profiled suppliers whose funding and support drives the enterprise forward
Statistics - Instantly accessible 24/7 data, which shows currently a 60% success rate in criminal boarding ships
My Profile - An insight to the CSO company and gives the ability to develop your professional profile

These elements evolve and new innovations under constant review with our CSOs