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A selection of member CSOs feedback 
A selection of member CSOs feedback
Icon representing ''LNG and LPG Owner and Operator''
''LNG and LPG Owner and Operator''

One of the greatest advantages of CSO Alliance for me, is that all events reports from other platform or websites are “integrated”.
Icon representing GEFO Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH
GEFO Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH

The team leader of the HSSEQ department enthused
'In the demanding market of the chemical tanker business, it is of the utmost importance to build alliances in all areas to ensure our company is at the forefront in safe vessel operation.
Icon representing Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

The Senior DPA/CSO for the company commented:
'CSO Alliance offers the possibility of informal exchange of information and ideas - Security Officers, especially of smaller shipping companies, do have limited occasions of meeting, as most security events offered are too expensive to participate regularly.
Icon representing Jo Tankers AS
Jo Tankers AS

HSE Manager/CSO /DPA of Jo Tankers AS:
“I am one of the founding members of CSO Alliance, and the reason I signed up was that I was looking for
Icon representing Former CSO with CMA-CGM
Former CSO with CMA-CGM

Former CSO with CMA-CGM, continued: ?I supported the Alliance from day one, as although I met CSOs at events, when we talked informally we achieved
Icon representing Thome Ship Management
Thome Ship Management

CSO Alliance member, A Group Security Manager of Thome Ship Management, Singapore, added: ?We hope that the CSO Alliance, other than providing an international
Icon representing Superyacht sector
Superyacht sector

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