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Icon representing Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19
Maritime Information Warfare Conference 2019 -London -November 18-19

November 18th 2019
Icon representing European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum - London - October 31
European Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum - London - October 31

October 31st 2019
Icon representing CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus
CYPnaval Conference - October 2nd - Cyprus

October 2nd 2019


November 10th 2014
Established in 2008 and held quarterly, Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) has so far seen 33 conferences.  The aim is simple: to coordinate and de-conflict activities between the countries, naval partnerships and industry organisations involved in counter piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa and western Indian Ocean.

The conference is chaired by NATO in conjunction with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR), and provided a forum for states, navies and industry stakeholders involved in regional counter piracy operations to share information, ideas and to coordinate efforts to ensure all are working towards shared goals. 

The international gathering usually exceeds 100 delegates and includes representatives from over 30 countries including military, law enforcement agencies, the shipping industry and other government officers. CSO Alliance has been invited to speak at the SHADE meeting in December.

This briefing will allow CSO Alliance to demonstrate the platform, how we track, verify and load incidents from around the world. We can show the CSO online communication facility and how we are developing insights in Port, Anchorage and maritime criminal activity.  The conference also delivers a piracy activity update, a shipping industry representatives’ update and a combined CMF-NATO-EU NAVFOR anti-piracy brief. These we will report back to our CSO members.

The conference is normally preceded by a day of working groups which discuss topics such as logistical support to counter piracy efforts, convoy transits through the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the Gulf of Aden and analysis of piracy trend statistics. The findings of these working groups are presented during SHADE’s afternoon session.

John Stawpert, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) representative, said at the 31st  Meeting:

“SHADE is the nexus between the shipping industry and the military. We get information about the threat, trends and pirate behaviours. It is a great meeting of minds and positive changes in coordination, for example convoy coordination, have been a great step forward and a direct result of this forum.”

Captain Peter Olive, Royal Navy, Chief of Staff to EU NAVFOR, said: “SHADE is important because with levels of success in piracy at an historic low, the temptation to start reducing commitment to counter piracy efforts is there. That would be a mistake because nothing has fundamentally changed in the coastal regions from which pirates emanate.''

It is an honour for CSO Alliance to have been invited and our thanks to CMF, NATO and EUNAVFOR for the opportunity.