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CSOA Situation Alert: Ramadan 2019

May 21st 2019
4th International LNG Summit on June 18 in Oslo

May 20th 2019
Gas & LNG Summit Canada on November 05 in Calgary

May 20th 2019

Ship arrest spotlights Indian Ocean drugs route

The Kenyan Navy arrested the cargo ship Amin Darya on July 2 
July 7th 2014
The Kenyan Navy arrested the cargo ship Amin Darya on July 2
Stephen Spark

Kenyan police are questioning the Iranian captain and nine Pakistani and Indian crew members from general cargo ship Amin Darya who were arrested last week on suspicion of drugs smuggling.

The Kenyan Navy arrested the ship off Lamu on Wednesday. It was brought to the Mtongwe military base within Mombasa port, where the bagged cargo of cement was unloaded and the ship searched using sniffer dogs.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Mombasa Acting Police Commander Sevelino Kubai said that the crew claimed the ship was carrying 300 tonnes of cement.

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Source: ihsmaritime360.com